Lab Awesome’s Sunday afternoon LEGO® challenge…Build Grids!


We had a great time trying this out today. Watch this space! We’ll be posting more about our favourite indoor and outdoor LEGO challenges…

For the Build Grid challenge, you will need:


How to play:

Each player takes turns to roll a dice four times. This will give them two sets of grid-ordinates. Go along the corridor and up the stairs twice on the Build Grid to reveal two words. Players then have to build something based on their words. Simple! But so much fun…

This is such as straightforward idea and it’s based on a game I play with my English Literature students to encourage creative thinking about texts. My students would normally have to find a way to talk about the two boxes and link them to make a point about the book or play we’re studying.

Enough said! I’ll only add that we each took turns to roll and find our words and then all built at the same time for as long as we felt like before presenting our builds to each other. Play as many rounds as you want for as long as you want. It’s much more fun if you build together!

Below are some of our projects from this afternoon and above is a downloadable, editable copy of the Build Grid I made. Change things up and put new words in each time you play. Just remember to put in a good mix of nouns, verbs and adjectives. You could also have FREE CHOICE boxes…



“Enormous red”

“Boat bridge”

“Pink monster”

“Green house” (our nearly 3-year old Alice was far too much of a Master Builder to follow the brief too closely!)





“Ninja surprise”…(wait for it!)

Make our day….if you try this out at home, send us pics of your builds!

February 11, 2018

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