Our crafty LEGO® party

Last Saturday our little ninja, Danny and his friend Jamie had their joint 6th Birthday party. Some of you will be familiar with Jamie’s talented Dad, Liam from Thrifty Props (visit his page on Facebook – you will be amazed!); he does incredible things with foam car mats and just about anything else he gets his hands on!

Of course, Danny and Jamie had the full Lab Awesome party experience. There were LEGO playmats and building challenges; there was slime making and dancing; there was even a LEGO ramp with a speed timer for racing cars (in LEGO mph, of course!).

We also crafted it up with some homemade touches. Working with Jamie’s very creative parents, Jenny and Liam was a great way to learn some new skills! LEGO is all about imagination and creativity so we all channelled ours into making sure our boys and their friends had tons of fun. Below our some of our favourite makes…


Setting the scene….


Liam transformed the birthday boys into Kai and Lloyd for the event. Once you’ve donned one of his helmets and a black top, you are officially a LEGO ninja. Liam brought spares along so everyone could have a go. 

He now sells templates for his helmets on Etsy and fans of his work are already sharing their work on his Facebook page.

Liam also made Jenny an incredible Princess Unikitty head! I was a bit starstruck!

Disco brick!

When it comes to fun with electronics, discos and LEGO bricks you won’t find anyone keener than Lab Awesome’s own Ian. He made our replica Phyllis (the light-up LEGO brick gatekeeper to the phantom zone in The LEGO Batman Movie) using a large LEGO storage brick, an Arduino and a whole lot of LEDs. He found that bunching them together meant it wasn’t necessary to cut the brick.


Next project…make it a speaker too. At Lab Awesome that’s a disco waiting to happen!

LEGO bunting

Easy peasy to make with craft felt and a strong darning needle! The trickiest bit was scaling up templates for the LEGO heads. The best bit was personalising the hair-dos!



LEGO head cake

Liam stacked cakes to shape this LEGO head with attitude!

And for a cupcake stand…

I found these stacking base plates on Amazon…instant cupcake stand! They’re LEGO compatible for oodles of fun once the party’s over!

Jenny used LEGO silicone moulds to make chocolate brick and MINIFIGURE cupcake toppers.

They’re definitely best to set up in situ! Luckily, a hilarious tumble in a trial run taught us an early lesson!


At Lab Awesome we love spreading the fun of LEGO and helping people to make special events awesome. We’re so excited to have a busy year ahead with lots of Lab Awesome parties and events already in the diary for 2018!

To find out more about hiring masses of LEGO or DUPLO for your special event or about our Lab Awesome hosted parties, visit www.lab-awesome.co.uk or get in touch with me rachel@lab-awesome.co.uk to find out more.

February 3, 2018

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