Take on our brick hunter challenge!


There’s plenty of fun to be had over the Easter holidays. We’ll be posting some of our favourite games and activities over the next couple of weeks.

Give the chocolate a rest with our brick hunter challenge. It’s got all the fun of getting outdoors to hunt for eggs without the inevitable sugar rush (and crash)!

We really like making sure that we get plenty of use out of our bricks and often that means not following the instructions but finding new ways to have fun with free-building challenges.

You can buy cheap fillable plastic eggs in most supermarkets and craft shops and they’re perfect for this game. Rather than filling them with chocolate, you won’t be surprised to hear that we fill them with….LEGO bricks.

We have 10 eggs for each of our children and label them with a marker pen with their initials. We have a different type of challenge for each of them.

Challenge players to find all 10 of their eggs. It’s a great opportunity to get outside and an easy way to hide your LEGO bricks around the garden without losing them!

Once players have found all of their eggs, they need to bring them to your building space to complete their brick hunter challenge.


Brick hunters challenge for younger children (we used this with our 3 year old daughter):

Choose a selection of bricks that are fun and colourful. Some could be special pieces or minifigures. Once players have found them all, they just need to free-build! This is so simple but finding the eggs first makes it more of an exciting mission!


Brick hunters challenge for older children (our 6-year old son Danny loved this!):

Build a simple model, like a car and take a photo of it. Break it up and hide the pieces in your 10 eggs. Once players have found them all, challenge them to guess what you’d built with the bricks and to re-build your model. Cars work well, as you’ve got plenty of clues to get them started…

Once they’ve finished, compare their model to the original. It’s fun to see how two models made using the same bricks can be really different. Our son, Danny’s version was far more creative than ours!



  1. For even older builders, do a speed challenge. Hide the same combination of bricks for each player and ask them to free build or to guess and re-build your model against the clock.
  2. Don’t bother with the eggs. This can be a year-round challenge. That said, the eggs are great for keeping your LEGO bricks clean if you want to get outside and you have a muddy, waterlogged garden….
March 30, 2018

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